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BW Industries Steel Frame System

Key Facts and Benefits:

  • BW Industries standard SFS sections range in depth from 75mm to 350mm with a range of gauges from 1mm to 3mm
  • A range of larger sections up to depths of 500mm and gauges up to 5mm are also available (these can be arranged back to back in pairs to form main structural columns
  • Sections are perfectly straight and are easily adapted on site
  • Freedom from shrinkage and settlement
  • Weight reduction in comparison to masonry and concrete methods
  • Safer and easier site installations
  • Resistance against fire, insects and rot
  • More time and cost effective to traditional methods of construction
  • Increased stability and durability
  • Sections are light gauge cold-formed pre-galvanised steel sheet with a Z275 coating
  • The stated gauges are core steel thickness plus the standard (Z275) zinc coating thickness of 0.04mm
  • Sections are generally manufactured from grade S450 steel with a minimum yield strength of 450M/mm²


BW Industries SFS range is used for infill panels, continuous walling and high separating walls. We supply our Cold formed galvanised SFS sections in stick form for assembly on site, and manufacture the components cut to length to suit individual applications. They can be supplied in either plain lengths or pre-punched for services etc.

BW Industries SFS framing offers many advantages over traditional methods of construction such as speed of erection and completion on site, increased stability and durability and reduction of weight. Our sections are robust and sufficiently light for site handling and they don’t suffer from shrinkage or settlement in comparison to timber and masonry. The benefits are both time and cost effective, making our SFS framing a popular option to many.

With a dedicated and knowledgeable team of experienced personal, BW provide an excellent and unrivalled service from the point of initial contact right through to delivery of the steel on site.

Choice of finish

We offer a wide choice of finishes for your cladding, to reflect your business brand. Select from a range of colours, textures and visual effects to create the right façade for your company.


All Benchmark cladding systems conform fully to BREEAM and meet Park L revised legislation. This means that they comply with the standards necessary to reduce impact on the environment.

Flexible Design

The flexibility of the cladding material means that even complex buildings can be covered; without compromising on quality, water-resistance or finish.

Industry-leading Cladding

The Advantages of Cladding and Facades for Your Business

There are a number of great benefits from using cladding or a façade for your premises. These include:

  • Range of looks. Select from a traditional wood finish, a futuristic metal façade, or use vibrant colours to grab attention.
  • Flexible. Kingspan’s products are designed to be flexible, meaning they can be used even on more complicated building exteriors.
  • Simple to install. The products are designed for easy installation, which helps keep costs down.
  • Environmentally friendly. Benchmark products conform fully to BREEAM and meet Park L revised legislation, ensuring they help reduce impact on the environment.

IPS Group’s Trusted Partners:

1) Multipanel UK: We manufacture and supply a range of Alupanel® aluminium composite panels. The flagship Alupanel® sheet combines durability with flexibility.

2) Euroclad: Euroclad® is the UK’s home-grown, independent supplier of metal roof and wall products which provide exceptional acoustic and thermal performance for the life of a building. Products are sustainably credible with proven routes for recycling and disposal. At Euroclad® we listen to your needs and offer high performance, cost effective solutions.

3) PSP Architectural: Turning architectural concept into engineering reality is fundamental to the corporate philosophy of PSP Architectural Ltd. PSP incorporates a design driven strategy throughout all operations ensuring that innovation & economy are at the forefront of its culture. We design, manufacture and supply rainscreen cladding, specialist fabrications, rainwater goods, ventilation, solar shading, flashings, pressings and façade support systems using a range of different metals to suit our customers’ needs.

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Tata Urban Steel

Product Benefits:

  • Matt colour range specifically designed for the urban fabric
  • Stable colour ensures an aesthetic of consistent, even shade
  • BBA certified in excess of 40 years
  • Quick fit system, for reduced on site fixing times
  • Can be laid vertically down to a pitch of <5°
  • Eco-designed to remove environmentally harmful elements and deliver the lowest impact without reducing performance
  • 100% recyclable
  • Compatible with rain water harvesting systems
  • Available in a range of roof and wall profiles
  • Simple integration of renewable technologies, helping achieve forthcoming legislation
  • Short lead-time on all standard orders

Peace of mind comes from over 40 years of experience and development, backed up by rigorous laboratory and real world testing. Short lead time service is assured in order quanities that suit large, small or phase build developments.

Tata Steel understands that truly sustainable kerb appeal comes from excellent aesthetics, performance, and eco-credentials.

Colorcoat Urban® by Tata Steel is the sustainable product of choice for the urban building.


Standing Seam System

Choosing the right profile for Colorcoat Urban® by Tata Steel is crucial, particularly in relation to the size of the building. For 1-4 storey urban roofs the small standing seam, either traditionally formed or using the innovative Urban Seam® profile, is ideal for creating a fantastic modern aesthetic.

Urban roofs: Traditionally formed or Urban Seam® standing seam profile are the ideal choice for low rise and residential roofs. The roofs are finished with crisp, neat detailing to a scale that is suitable to the building size.

The profiles are applicable over a substructure of a fully boarded out truss, SIPs and fully boarded out metal frame construction. Examples of building typographies include 1-4 storey houses, low rise apartments, 104 storey public and commercial buildings, schools and sports pavilions.

Large urban roofs: A range of popular insulated and un-insulated profiled systems including standing seam and concealed fix are available. Examples of building typographies include apartments, schools, public buildings and offices.

Refurbishment and renovation: Colorcoat Urban® by Tata Steel is also the ideal choice for refurbishment and over roofing, due to its inherent light weight and strength.


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