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Solar PV

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Empowering Solar Energy

Together with BIPV, IPS Group have developed an innovative new solar PV panel solution; designed to optimise energy output and offer an eco-friendly, cost-effective solution for your business.

Re-thinking Solar Panels

Solar energy, unlike oil, gas or coal, is inexhaustible. This green, renewable energy source provides electricity, without impacting the environment.

Using photovoltaic (PV) modules to generate electricity for your business offers many advantages. It’s a cleaner form of energy, it’s safer, and it’s also reliable. And of course, it can prove cost-effective in the long-term.

Powerply Features:

  • High efficiency > 17%
  • Best in class thin film technology
  • No ballast, penetrations or racking required
  • Low installed weight of less than 3kg/m2
  • Improved aesthetics
  • No grounding required
  • Multiple Bypass Diode design to improve performance in shading/low light
  • 25 year performance warranty, 5 year product warranty

Integrated System

Unlike standard solar PV panels, the Powerply system can be fully integrated into your roofing system – improving aesthetic appeal and eradicating the need for ballast, penetrations or racking.

Optimum Performance

Powerply PV panels are designed to perform well, even in shade or low light; thanks to their multiple bypass diode design. Their efficiency output of 17% sets new, industry-leading standards.

Durable, Flexible, Lightweight

The Powerply solar PV system is lightweight and easy to install. It’s also flexible and designed to withstand even extreme weather conditions. All systems have a 25-year guarantee as standard.

Why Choose Powerply

The Powerply solar PV system offers numerous advantages for your business. Here’s an overview of the main benefits.



Together IPS & BIPVco launched a line of environmentally friendly TPO PV panels designed to be lighter, more flexible, and to offer maximum energy output.


Photovoltaic technology provides businesses with a practical way to produce electricity; using renewable energy to address climate change, whilst offering clear economic advantages.

Crystalline silicon, the material first used to create PV solar panels, was bulky resulting in panels that were heavy, easily breakable and which took considerable energy to manufacture. However, technological advances mean that modern (thin film) PV panels are now not only more practical, but offer more benefits to your business.


IPS, as a TPO membrane system supplier, are constantly seeking new products to offer our clients products which offer greater efficiency, flexibility and financial savings. Our TPO photovoltaic panels, developed in conjunction with BIPVco, use a new type of membrane; combining the best aspects of previous PV materials, whilst eliminating any of the negative factors.

TPO PV panel membranes are completely inert and this is where their success lies. They don’t contain plasticisers or any other materials that might migrate with time which means the panel won’t become brittle or shrink. In addition to this, they’re fully non-toxic and completely recyclable.


The CIGS membrane (as developed by BIPVCo and IPS) includes a thin film module, bonded to an ultra-tough TPO Rubberfuse membrane. This ensures your PV panel can withstand extreme weather conditions, and even ponding water. Lightweight and easy to install, it is simple to adhere to compatible roofing sheets, or can be hot-air welded to Rubberfuse membranes.

Additionally, these panels are built to produce optimum levels of electricity ensuring good return over time on your initial investment.


IPS’s photovoltaic panels are simple to install, and easy to integrate with your existing roof. Our specialist BIPVCo IPS/Rubberfuse team will evaluate your roof to determine optimum positioning, then propose a system that best suits your specific requirements. To arrange a consultation, simply call us today.

The Powerply Membrane provides a unique combination, as it offers long term high performance, roof integration and environment friendliness at a competitive price.

In order to be most effective, the installation of Powerply Membranes on a roof requires the combined skills of roofers and solar experts. The BIPVco – IPS/Rubberfuse Team is prepared to evaluate your roof and propose a system, installed by a IPS Authorised Applicator, which will result in maximised solar coverage, top electricity output and watertight performance.

The Powerply Membrane is the State of the Art in terms of ecology. Selecting such “100% green” panel allows to:


  • Convert passive roofs into energy producing assets
  • Participate in meeting the European Charter for Solar Energy requirements
  • Obtain access to incentives from local Authorities, which implies quicker ROI
  • Position the user as a corporate environment leader

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